About Ironstone Homes

Ironstone Homes, LLC is owned and operated by Trevor Eby.  

Trevor handles the sales/planning and works directly with the clients from start to finish. Trevor is also a licensed Realtor with Kingsway Realty, giving clients well rounded service and insight into all facets of the housing industry.

I am Trevor - your personal home building guide.

My clients probably get sick of me saying the same thing over and over - which is "If it's what you want, we will get it done - I want you to be happy with the result!" 

I say that because I really believe my job is to build the house that you can turn into a home. If you are happy - then I am happy.

Custom Product

You won’t have what anyone else has – but something that is uniquely you.

Efficient Building Process

Our homeowners and home buyers walk away happy every time because of how quickly, smoothly, and seamlessly we move through the process.

Free Consultation

We can help you wrap your head around the process and a budget with no obligation.


We treat each project as if it were our own home.  But when unforeseen circumstances happen, or outcomes aren’t just the way you expected, we promise a quick response, and customer satisfaction. That promise doesn’t end when the project is over, but lasts with our Builders Warranty.


Results and details matter.  Compare our home and project specifications to any builder in the region and see how you can get more for your money. We are skilled managers and tradesmen with an eye for all the details that go into a project.  And after three decades of experience, we have a reputation for delivering a great finished product we can stand behind.


Our goal is to give you more than you pay for. As a small, hands on company, we deliver value by personally managing each job.  Clients receive superior service and efficiency by having constant communication with decision makers

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