Our Simple Process

Whether it’s your first time building a home, or you have done it before, Trevor will guide you through the decisions and the timeline step-by-step so that you can trust the outcome is exactly what you wanted.

Find Land & Set Budget

If you have the dream home, but no place to build it – then we need to start looking for that perfect plot of land.

If you are planning on building in a development, or you would like to purchase one of our development homes, then the first step is determing your budget and layouts. After that, we get to work on solidifying the designs that will make you love what we build!

Design The Home Plan

The great part about Ironstone Homes is that there are no extra design fees – all our work is done right here in house.

That means that designing your home is a breeze, and the only limits are your imagination (ok, and your budget). Working directly with us means there’s no room for error as we finalize your layout and designs!

Select Finishes & Colors

After the layout and plans have been solidified, you get to pick the colors, finishes, trim, flooring, kitchen, and accessories that make your house uniquely yours.

Because we figure those details out before we begin to build, it means you won’t have a ton of last minute decisions to make once the home begins to be constructed – you get to relax and enjoy the process.

Submit Permits & Build

The plans that you selected are then submitted by our team to obtain all the local municipal approvals and permits to make sure that we are able to move forward quickly with building your home.

We will take care of modifying anything necessary and keep you informed each ‘approval’ of the way so you can begin to look forward to the ground breaking… and the move in date!

Move In

Everyone says they can’t believe how fast the process went as move in day approaches. Ironstone Homes keeps you on budget and on time – so you can gather your friends and family and celebrate your new home together.

Don’t worry – we send in professional cleaners to make sure it is in perfect condition for your big day. We also take professional photos so you can remember it when you are telling your friends and family for years to come.

Let's Get Started!

I am ready to talk about plans, a budget, and the ideas I have for my home building project.